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The "Shocking" Final Coolsome Challenge with Pro-Golfer Ian Poulter

The "Shocking" Turn in Ian Poulter's Coolsome Challenge

Ask any golfer and they'll tell you: proper technique is crucial to your golf game! Without proper technique, you can kiss par goodbye. In this final challenge, pro-golfer Ian Poulter tries...

When It Comes to Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat… CoolSculpting® Rules!

In His Third Coolsome Challenge, Ian Poulter Plays by the Rules

Well… sort of.

We all know in the game of golf there are rules. Lots of them. The rulebook is 231 pages long! Many of those rules are straightforward, for instance, Rule 13:


What's More Frustrating Than Stubborn Belly Fat? Wearing Tight Clothes on a Golf Course.

Ian Poulter's Coolsome Challenge Goes "Euro"

Golf is a mental game. You have to do whatever it takes to keep your mind focused – even if that means wearing plaid slim-fit trousers and a matching visor. Because, as the adage goes, "if you look...

Pro Golfer Ian Poulter is Driving Away Stubborn Belly Fat

Introducing The Coolsome! 

They’re just like your average foursome on the golf course, only cooler. At least they’re trying to be.

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