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What Does A CoolSculpting Treatment Feel Like? Dr. Leyda Bowes Is Here To Tell You!

Dr. Leyda Bowes and her team at Bowes Dermatology, helped both Annette, a typically healthy woman, and Luis, a previous CoolSculpting® patient, fight stubborn fat in the COOLest way!

From the initial assessment to a real LIVE CoolSculpting® treatment, Dr. Leyda Bowes and her team at Bowes Dermatology gave us the inside scoop on what an actual CoolSculpting® treatment feels like, as well as answering some of your most frequently asked questions!

Who Is The Perfect CoolSculpting® Candidate?

Ah, the question EVERYONE is asking! It is important to remember that CoolSculpting® isn't for everyone. CoolSculpting® is designed to treat pinch-able subcutaneous fat - fat that is just underneath the skin. According to Dr. Leyda Bowes, ideal candidates are "close to their ideal body image."

Although CoolSculpting® is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment, it does not aid in weight loss. Eating healthy and exercising is an important aspect of the treatment. Dr. Leyda Bowes noted that Annette was a good candidate for the treatment because she exercised regularly but still had some stubborn areas of concern.

"We would never do a procedure that we don't believe in, on patients"

-Dr. Leyda Bowes


What Does A CoolSculpting® Treatment Feel Like?

Unlike many fat reduction treatments, CoolSculpting® is nonsurgical. Treatments are quick and easy! Depending on the customized treatment plan, patients can be in and out in as little as 35 minutes. Luis found his CoolSculpting® treatment to be "very comfortable." Typically, patients can expect to feel a slight "cool" sensation but this feeling usually dissipates shortly after the CoolSculpting® treatment has begun. It's not uncommon for patients to work on their laptop or even take a nap during their treatment! 

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Is CoolSculpting® Safe?

"Tried and trusted" is an understatement when it comes to CoolSculpting®. With more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, doctors everywhere stand behind CoolSculpting® as a safe and effective fat reduction treatment! CoolSculpting® works by safely delivering precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin and can reduce the fat in treated areas by up to 20 - 25%. 

"The machine will stop if it ever senses that the conditions are not ideal for safe cooling. This prevents freezing of the skin, frostbite, and burns"

-Dr. Leyda Bowes


How Can I Start My CoolSculpting® Journey?

Are you ready to start your treatment to transformation? The first step in jump-starting your CoolSculpting® journey is to determine if you're a candidate for the treatment. One quick and easy way to see if the treatment may be right for you is by taking our short quiz. The next step in your journey is locating a nearby provider, you can find a nearby provider here. The provider of your choosing will then create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your body contouring goals! After your initial assessment, grab your book, your laptop, or even your pillow - and get ready to relax while freezing away your stubborn fat!  

With the New Year right around the corner, treat yourself to the #1 fat reduction treatment out there. 

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